Since 1.1.9, Origamiez is compatiable with WooCommerce

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Hi everyone,


Since v.1.1.9, you can using Origamiez to build a online shopping site. Because, Origamiez is fully compatiable with WooCommerce plugin.


- new: compatiable with plugin "WooCommerce".
- new: read-more button for blog-posts.
- new: display a post's category on single post layout.
- new: convert footer menu to dropdown (select-box) on small screen (responsive).
- improve: split codes to multi parts and join by function get_template_part().
- improve: typography with tags: blockquote, anchor, table, dt, dt, address, q.
- improve: custom header (top-banner) flex-height & flex-width.
- improve: add options "excerpt length, is show date, is show comments" for each widgets.
- edit: add new 3 image sizes for widget Posts Grid (require rebuild-thumbnail to see it).
- edit: switch position of col-left & col-center (for custom page: Page Magazine).
- fix: custom border color for image inside single post.



Best regards,
Alex Kalh