How to custom font with Google Fonts – Origamiez v1.2.6

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Important: Custom skin don’t working with v1.2.5

After updated v1.2.5, my site looking so ugly

>> So sorry, It’s my mistake. With v1.2.5, If your skin is “custom”, Origamiez don’t load file typography/default.css
>> Please download v1.2.6 to fix this bug.

About new featured

With older version of Origamiez, you only custom font with system font (popular font) as Tahoma, Verdana, …
So, it’s very unfriendly 🙁

And, Since v1.2.6, I’ve added new feature “custom font with google fonts” for Origamiez.
To using, please follow video guide below:

#Step 01: Register a new font from google
  1. Go to https://www.google.com/fonts
  2. Select a font, and get two information: “font href” and “font family”
  3. On Customize Panel
  4. Google Fonts
  5. Click Font #1
  6. Enter “font href” and “font family” to text fields
  7. Click Save button
  8. Refresh Customize Panel
#Step 02: Assign new font to an element
  1. On Customize Panel
  2. Go to Typography
  3. Selec a element, ex: Body
  4. Check to check box “Enable”
  5. Select new font from combobox
  6. Click Save
  7. Clear cache and refresh your site.





Alex Kalh