WP Enliven – How to create Front Page?


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  • Aegis - Page Builder
  • Codestar framework - Theme options
  • Enliven Plus - Custom widgets and shortcodes

Create page and assign it !

Create a new page -
  1. Create a new page
  2. Enter page's title, ex: "Front page"
    1. Scroll down, find box "Page Attributes"
    2. Select template "Page Builder" or "Page Builder with Breadcrumb"
  3. Click "Publish" to save this page.
Assign it as home page +

Video Guide


Config this page with pagebuilder

a. Add Slider

b. Add Banner

c. Main content of page, with layout two columns (ratio 8:4)

  1. by default gutter between columns is 24, increment to 40.
  2. use 2 magic class:
    • set col-left : width 800px "e_col_main"
    • set col-right: width 300px "e_col_sub"

d. Add Widget to column left

  1. Entertaiment
    • Edit widget title's style
  2. Health & Food
    • Edit background color & padding: Outer > Class 4,9,11
    • Edit widget title's style
  3. Nested page (include other page to this page)
    • Create a sub-page
    • Add widget, config layout for sub-page
    • Back to "Front Page", include sub-page to "Front Page"
  4. Note
    • Change background of main content section
    • Add border top 1px for main content section
    • Edit widget title of module "Entertaiments"
    • Edit widget title of sub-page's modules

e. Add Widget to column right

f. Featured articles" module

  1. Style this module with parallax effect
  2. Add NEXT and PREV button for this module
  3. Edit widget title's style

g. "The last module" of Front Page

h. Done! Enjoy!