Bug with ajax. Update! It’s NOT Ajax. See below..

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Classico asked 2 years ago

Hy, Alex!
It seems I found a bug. Any ajax widget not push down a footer.
My situation:
I use a plugin “UserPro”. This plugin is works on ajax. I put “UserPro” in widget. When widget (with UserPro-plugin) near with the footer, and users press registry-button, then footer dos not go down from widget (which became higher than before).
It turns the imposition. http://prntscr.com/9p01st
I hope you understand me.

2 Answers
Classico answered 2 years ago

Hey! I found that it’s not because of ajax.
I need deleted style=”height:…” 
link image
How can I delete it? Where is it generated?
p.s. I writed 
div#sidebar-center, #sidebar-middle, #sidebar-right {
height: auto !important;
and all done!
How can I delete it from native theme?

Alex Kalh Staff answered 1 year ago

Hi Classico,

Because origamiez using “jQuery Match Height” to calculate height of columns.

If you want to remove this feature, please open file

/ origamiez / js / origamiez.init.js
go to line 28, and remove it

Best regards,
Alex Kalh