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William Bennett asked 1 year ago

Afternoon!  I just purchased Enliven for wordpress and we’re trying to have our FULL post be listed on on the categories page.  A sample can be seen here:  http://thesaltzmangroup.com/category/podcast/  Each full post follows the next. 
We would like to do the same thing here:  http://bihealthyadvantage.com/~borislow/shiftshapersonline.com/category/podcast/  — we want the whole post showing, not just an excerpt.  Is there something I can change to open it all up?
Thank you!!!

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Alex Kalh Staff answered 1 year ago

Hi @William Bennett,

Thank you so much for purchasing this template !

To display full content of articles on blog page, please download and install child theme:

And, go to Theme Options > Blog > Metadata > turn off “Readmore button”

Best regards,
Alex Kalh