Vlad asked 12 months ago

Hi. when activate polylang and use Page builder polylang crashed site.
What need todo to fix this?

2 Answers
Alex Kalh Staff answered 12 months ago

Hi friend,

I’m checking my theme with plugin Polylang.
Please wait a few hours,

And, could you tell me the list of plugins, which has been activated on your site ?

Best regards,
Alex Kalh

Alex Kalh Staff answered 12 months ago

Hi friend,

I was checked my theme with Polylang and It’s working fine!

Please download, and install latest version theme (1.7 / 2016, Aug 24) from themeforest.com
And, re-config widget “Socials Counter” on Appearance >> Widgets AND Front-page.

Because: since July, 2016; to get number of likes from Facebook, User must provide “App ID, App Secret, Page ID”.
Older versions will be crash your site, by this change.

Alex Kalh