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Candida asked 1 year ago

Hi! My version of wordpress is 4.4.2 and I have installed Origamiez 1.3.1. The widget for “PostSlides” does not work in it. It’s always written: “For only page with: ‘Page magazine'”.
What can I do for this widget to work?

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Alex Kalh Staff answered 1 year ago

Hi @Candida,

The message “For only page with: Page magazine” is meaning this sidebar only working with custom page “Page Magazine”
“What’s custom page”
To create page with custom template “Magazine Page”, you need following guide:
a/ Create a new page or edit a current page.
b/ Scroll down, find box “Page Attributes” >> Select “Page Magazine” from select box “Template”
c/ Click “Save”
d/ Go to Appearance > Widgets >> Drag & Drop widgets to new sidebars: Main Top, Main Bottom, Main Center Top, Main Center Bottom, Main Center Left, Main Center Bottom, Left.
e/ (optional) If you want to set this page is home page. Please go to: Settings >> Reading
e.1/ Find option “Front page displays”
e.2/ Click radio button “A static page (select below)”
e.3/ With option “Front page”, you need select this page (which want to display as home page)

Best regards,
Alex Kalh