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William Bennett asked 1 year ago

Evening!  I am looking for the setting to set the menu as sticky.  I’d like that to be on all pages of my site so it stays at the top when scrolling. 
Also – is there only one sidebar option?  I am looking to have multiple sidebars, different ones on different pages.  Would I have to use widget logic or something to accomplish that? Thanks!

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Alex Kalh Staff answered 1 year ago

Hi @William Bennett,

Currently, Enliven have supported two header’s style:
+ default style: with background color.
+ opacity style: with sticky effect.

You can switch style of header by Theme Options >> Header >> Header style.

Because, you can use “Page Builder” to build static page.
So, with current version 1.2, Enliven don’t support multi sidebar for static page.
>> I’ll add this features to next version of theme.

And, with single post, you can assign multi sidebar for multi post.
a. Create new sidebar:
+ Go to Theme Options >> Sidebar >> Create new sidebar
+ Note: sidebar’s title must be an unique name.

b. Add new (or edit) a single post.
+ Scroll down, find box “Advance options”
+ Open tab “Layout”
+ Select option “Post with right sidebar”
+ Select new sidebar on options “Right Sidebar”
+ Scroll up, click Update ( or Publish ) to save all changes.
+ Enjoy!

Best regards,
Alex Kalh